— Oh hey, I'm Amanda.


Organised + Creative. Experienced + Open. Meticulous + Logical.

Intuitive + Practical. Approachable + Firm.


— Me.

I graduated with a Foundation Degree in Graphic Design at Blackburn University Centre in 2011. After working for a Design & Print studio for three years, I found my love of print especially hot foiling and other specialist print. Even though I enjoyed my time as an in-house designer, I wanted to explore further a field and went on to freelancing throughout the North West and I've been my own boss for over four years now.

I've gained a lot of experience over the years and have worked as a freelancer for Design agencies in-house and remotely, hired by local businesses to on upcoming projects and worked closely with small businesses developing their brands. 

I have a passion for print and enjoy being hands on with finishing, learning new processes and experimenting with new ideas. I design and print alternative stationery, wedding stationery and prints in my home studio using my Hot Foil Platen and Sublimation printer.

Don't get me wrong though, I do love online media and like to get involved in digital & social media including developing websites through the Squarespace platform.

Lots of varied work and keeps me on my toes. You name it...I've probably done it.

So why not say hello and let's do this!


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